The Institute intends these tools to give the field clarity in its language and principles. However, it is not a field that can rely only on written materials; it takes a community of experienced practitioners to support people new to the field in practicing community engagement effectively, meeting its challenges, and tapping the strengths within each unique context.  We encourage you to seek out experienced practitioners to support you in implementing these tools, principles, and concepts.   The partners are available for consultation; contact them at or email Avi Viswanathan at aviswanathan@

Impact Graphic

Download the impact graphic (pdf) from Community Engagement Matters: Stories of Success that shows the many impacts of community engagement and how some impacts build on others.

Assessment Tool

Download the assessment tool (pdf) from Distinguish Your Work: Outreach or Community Engagement? to evaluate your work and/or your organization’s work and learn the differences between these approaches. 

“Using the assessment tool to shift my organization’s understanding of outreach vs. engagement.”
-- Participant at Engaged Learning Series event

Film: Community at the Center