New Case Study from Casa de Esperanza

Casa de Esperanza was founded more than 30 years ago to serve the growing Latin@ population in the Twin Cities region as a shelter from domestic violence. Over time Casa de Esperanza has evolved from primarily being a service-oriented domestic violence shelter to using a more proactive engagement approach that puts Latin@ communities at the center of challenging violence in relationships. This innovative work has led to Casa de Esperanza’s recognition and designation as the national resource center on domestic violence and Latin@ communities. As the national resource center, Casa de Esperanza engages in training, research and policy advocacy that reflects Latin@ realities. Locally and nationally, Casa de Esperanza believes community engagement is the best way to prevent, respond to and support Latin@s experiencing domestic violence.

Casa de Esperanza’s long-standing commitment to mobilizing Latin@s and Latin@ communities to end domestic violence has developed into local and national initiatives that build capacity, infuse information and resources into the community, and strengthen connections between individuals and organizations.

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